How to Apply

How to Apply for a Suite

Your application may be submitted in the following ways:

  • By email to:
  • By leaving a completed application and deposit with the resident manager
  • By leaving a completed application and deposit at our head office located at 274 Osborne St. North, just south of the Winnipeg Art Gallery
Your application must be submitted with a rental deposit, which, in Manitoba, is one half the first month’s rent.

For applications submitted via email, the rental deposit must be paid within two (2) business days of submitting the application.

In payment of this rental deposit – we accept cheques, money orders or e-transfers.

Please NOTE:  All forms of payment must include the name of the applicant and the full address for which you are applying.

Once we have received your paperwork and rental deposit, it will take 24 – 72 hours to process the application. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted. If your application is not accepted, you will be contacted and your rental deposit will be returned to you.

Hints for a Quick Response on Rental Applications

  • A letter of Confirmation of Employment may be submitted with the application & must include the following:
  • MUST be on company letterhead
  • MUST be dated
  • MUST include the gross monthly income or hourly wage and amount of hours guaranteed per week
  • MUST be signed by a company manager
  • The appropriate forms may be completed with your current landlord. This will allow us to receive a rental reference by telephone or fax, or to ask for a written rental reference from your current landlord. This, then may be submitted with your application.
  • Fill out all applicable information on the application form, leave a rental deposit (half of one month’s rent), and ensure you’ve signed the application form, which allows us to conduct a personal investigation.
  • Include a phone number where you may be reached during office hours, which are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm; a voicemail if you’re not available during those hours is important.
  • If you have been working at your place of employment for six months or less – you need a guarantor.
  • If you earn less than 3 times the amount of rent on the suite you are applying for (this includes EIA participants) – you need a guarantor.  (Eg. The rent on the suite you are applying for is $400/mth; your income must be at least $1,200 gross, monthly).

We will contact you when we have made a decision regarding your application.

Don’t forget to inquire about our pets policy.