I, the undersigned, will hereby tender a rental deposit, in the amount indicated below, and submit this as an application and offer to lease:

  • Each Applicant must complete a separate application
  • Once approved, you will forfeit some or all of your deposit if you do not proceed with renting the premises
  • Absolutely No Pets Allowed

I understand that this application is subject to the approval of Sussex Realty (as agents for the Landlord) and that the deposit will be returned in full if the application is not accepted. This application form, once submitted, shall remain the property of Sussex Realty and will not be returned. I also understand that once this application has been approved, this deposit may be retained, as liquidated damages should we fail to proceed to lease the below unit. I understand that the unit is offered for rent in good faith and in the belief that the unit will be vacant and in suitable condition on the intended date of possession. I acknowledge that the Landlord and its agent will not be responsible or liable to the applicant, other than the abatement of rent, should the unit not be vacated or in suitable condition on the intended date of possession.

NOTE: Parking is subject to availability and may be re-assigned at the Landlord’s discretion.